Who is The Modem Lisa?

Leveraging a personal passion, combined with over two decades of technology experience, Lynn Westfall—who personifies approachable tech support through her modern-day digital guardian persona, The Modem Lisa—offers beginner-friendly guidance to individuals and businesses wanting to fully utilize today’s tech tools. From introductory device setup to in-depth training tailored to your needs, Lynn meets you where you are to make digital tech more welcoming and achievable for all. In addition to local classes and onsite consultations, you can find The Modem Lisa writing articles, stories and lyrics or singing and performing as Premium Bananas, using technology mindfully to create music and art of all kinds!


Looking for guidance on using an online service, mobile or other technology device? Are you an entrepreneur or small business that wants to use technology to improve your productivity and increase your profits? The Modem Lisa is here to help you!


Creating original music as Premium Bananas since 2001 and now as Parodiva popping out parodies. Take a listen or watch videos and live performances.


From fiction to Tech blogging and everything in between. Check out my latest written works!

Upcoming Classes and Events

March 19th, 2024 1:00PM PT – 3:00PM PT

Techie Tuesday #3; Password Management and Digital Vault Services

Join me on March 19th at 1pm at the Peninsula Senior Activity Center to find out the best ways to navigate the ever-growing password maze! Stop letting your passwords rule your life and start taking control! Having the same passwords for all your sites isn’t safe, but managing dozens of different passwords can be too difficult, or is it? 

Learn all about why we have passwords to manage in the first place and what alternatives exist. I’ll share tips for creating strong and memorable passwords and when they’re needed. You’ll leave with understanding options for managing passwords with applications on desktop and mobile devices.

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