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5 Keys to Learning AI – AI All the Way Episode 3.1 – Learning How to Learn AI.

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  1. Know your Role
  2. Know your Goal
  3. Know Yourself
  4. Do it Now
  5. Never Stop Learning

Know Your Role

The AI Consumer; Improver

The Data Incubator

I am a Singer, Songwriter that currently cannot play any instruments but I write lyrics and can sing the melody to the songs I write. I can hear the music I want to make in my mind but I haven’t yet developed the skills to create the instrumental tracks to complete my songs. I need you to create a Personalized Learning Path to guide me in learning the skills I need to complete my songs. I will be working with a Windows PC, running Ableton Live Lite 11. I’ll need to learn to work with a Roland JUNO-DS88 Synthesizer and any other tools you suggest including other AI tools and platforms. Is this something you can help me with?


Both provided me with detailed, slightly different paths to follow, both of which started with learning Music Theory. From here you can ask for a few different things; Claude offered YouTube links to videos to support each topic, however all the links were invalid and the “free” training offerings were not actually “free”; instead ask the AI to teach you.

Use a prompt such as; “Can you provide me a detailed lesson on Notes, staff, clefs, rhythm written as if I was a middle school student?”


Claude and ChatGPT generated basically the same information, but ChatGPT provided an Activity and Homework as part of the Lesson.

These are general concepts though, how will they do with teaching me the specifics of using my DAW or the Synthesizer?

Provide me a detailed learning plan for mastering music production Ableton Live Lite 11, include as much detail as possible including estimated time frames. Then I broke out the first topic that came out of the plan: Please provide me a detailed lesson on “the Arrangement and Session Views, both crucial to Ableton’s workflow. Understand how audio and MIDI clips work in the Session View.”


Again, I was more impressed with ChatGPT as it came through as a true teacher, not just providing me bullet lists of answers like Claude. This got me curious about Bard, who landed somewhere near Claude. ChatGPT (3.5 because I have not tried with Pro yet) seems to be the most effective teacher. I was able to follow the instruction provided in the first Activity provided very easily and felt like I actually learned something new in the interface that I already had a basic understanding of.

From here I’ll be able to make specific learning goals for each topic that comes along, and I’ll be able to ask my AI teacher questions as I go along the way.

I’m more skeptical about the training specific to the Synthesizer, let’s take a look at: Please provide me with a detailed Learning Plan for mastering music production and song creation with the Roland JUNO-DS88 Synthesizer. The plan should be written for someone without any background playing piano or synthesizers. Include estimated time frames.

I further broke down the first topic: Please provide me with a detailed lesson on “Learn about the different sections: keyboard, display, knobs, sliders, and buttons.” include pictures or links to pictures if possible, otherwise provide detailed descriptions.


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