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Discover how to manage passwords at Techie Tuesday #3 on March 19th!

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Exploring foolproof password strategies and digital vault services

Our February class on how to write your life story, catalog cherished collections, and much to do about digital photo sharing, was filled with wonderful, suggested platforms to try out for your needs. Of course, any time we’re signing up for an online platform, we’re going to have a new login and password to manage!

Join me on March 19th at 1pm at the Peninsula Senior Activity Center to find out the best ways to navigate the ever-growing password maze! Stop letting your passwords rule your life and start taking control! Having the same passwords for all your sites isn’t safe, but managing dozens of different passwords can be too difficult, or is it? 

Learn all about why we have passwords to manage in the first place and what alternatives exist. I’ll share tips for creating strong and memorable passwords and when they’re needed. You’ll leave with understanding options for managing passwords with applications on desktop and mobile devices.

Registration is $30 for one/class or drop in the day of the event. Click here to register.

I’m extending my “Share the love” February specials all the way until the next class coming up in March.

Add the event to your Facebook or Google Calendar!

Password Management:
Creating robust and memorable passwords
Utilizing password managers for secure storage
Implementing two-factor authentication for added security

Digital Vault Services:
Exploring digital vault platforms for document storage
Managing sensitive digital information effectively
Understanding encryption for enhanced security

Ensuring Online Security:
Identifying and avoiding online scams
Importance of regular password updates
Safeguarding personal and financial information online

You’ll leave equipped with comprehensive resources including password management tips, recommended password manager apps, insights into digital vault services, and tips on recognizing online threats. Empower yourself to fortify your digital security and protect your information effectively.


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