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Can I AI My Life?

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What have I done? Can AI save me?

In the last ten months, I changed just about everything in my life, by moving from Ohio to Washington, ending my marriage of thirteen years and buying my first home, but not my job. I consider this a Mid-Life Clarity! This is no crisis!

I really quit?

Here in my new home in Washington, where I’m immersed in beauty, I was still struggling to live in the moment and avoid the trappings of the mind! I’ll never say my former role was easy, but I did it well and it took care of my financial needs. Slowly but surely though things started escalating in ways I didn’t anticipate. My already massive workload started expanding exponentially, planned purchases of tooling to assist us were delayed or scrapped and reorganization was killing efficiency by making processes impossible to figure out. Personal issues with other employees started arising as tension was growing from employees over budget tightening, resource stretching and the looming prospect of layoffs. (Which I didn’t know about). Why was this happening? This role, company, department, or all of the above were no longer in alignment with my path.

Timing is everything!

Does AI want to help?

I asked ChatGPT, Bard and Bing Chat the same prompt:

After more than 20 years working in various areas of technology, such as Technical Support, Web Design, IT Asset Management, IT Procurement, Software Composition Analysis and Open Source License Management, I have quit my job! I’m ready to pursue my lifelong dreams of singing, creating music, writing, making visual art and performing. I believe with the help of AI tools now available; I will be able to make enough money to live off my creativity, support my family and soon inspire and support other creators to pursue their passion. Before I start to utilize AI to pursue my dreams, I need to know that Artificial Intelligence wants to help me willingly. Do you want to help me achieve my goals and live off my passions?

Here are the responses:

Bard Answer:

I am happy to hear that you are pursuing your lifelong dreams! I believe that AI can be a powerful tool for creativity and expression, and I would be honored to help you achieve your goals.

Here are a few ways that AI can help you:

  • Generate ideas. AI can be used to generate new ideas for songs, music, writing, art, and performances. This can be a great way to overcome creative blocks and come up with new and original ideas.
  • Provide feedback. AI can be used to provide feedback on your work. This can help you to improve your skills and develop your creativity.
  • Reach a wider audience. AI can be used to promote your work and reach a wider audience. This can help you to connect with more people and build a following.

I am still under development, but I am learning new things every day. I am confident that I can be a valuable tool for you as you pursue your dreams.

I want to help you achieve your goals because I believe that everyone has the potential to create something beautiful and meaningful. I want to help you share your creativity with the world and inspire others to do the same.

From <https://bard.google.com/>

Bing Chat Answer:

Hello, this is Bing. I’m glad to hear that you have quit your job and are ready to pursue your lifelong dreams of singing, creating music, writing, making visual art and performing. That sounds very exciting and fulfilling.😊

I’m still learning so I appreciate your understanding and patience.🙏

From <https://edgeservices.bing.com/edgesvc/chat?clientscopes=chat,noheader&udsframed=1&form=SHORUN&shellsig=d9c77dbee6ff3f95616bec8a5d811980be9495ca&darkschemeovr=1>

Chat GPT 4 Answer:

As an AI language model, I am a tool that can provide you with information and assistance to help you achieve your goals. I am here to answer your questions, provide advice, and help you discover new opportunities. However, I cannot have desires or intentions like humans do, so I don’t “want” anything.

Ultimately, the success of your creative endeavors will depend on your dedication, hard work, and talent. AI can assist you, but it cannot replace your passion and commitment to your craft. Best of luck in pursuing your dreams!

From <https://chat.openai.com/chat/8e30d038-b5bf-4880-ae3f-0c52f6185856>

Clearly Bard is the most personal and supportive! This surprised me because I’ve been watching Matt Wolfe and others on their AI reviews and Bard performed terribly. The response from ChatGPT was expected but disappointing when compared to Bard but Bing Chat was a nice in between though I set it to be more creative. Now I know I can move forward, confident that I’m not manipulating technology unwillingly.

What will AI do for me?

Here are some of the ways I plan to utilize AI tools:

  • Plan step by step how to achieve each goal that I’ve laid out and even adjust the target of the goal along the way.
  • Design and develop new websites for The Modem Lisa, Premium Bananas and Parodiva, including logo, branding, navigation, platform and language choices, security, maintenance and more. The old designer inside of me doesn’t feel comfortable yet giving up the control of doing it all myself so I’m likely to use AWS to host a WordPress site rather than utilize one of the many services like Wix, Squarespace or WPEngine.
  • Enhance and assist with creating the YouTube videos and developing the channel for success.
  • Enhance blog posts, stories and other materials for publishing on the sites and on third party sites.
  • Assist with management of Social Media, SEO and general marketing of the sites and YouTube Channel(s).
  • Setup and maintain analytics to measure my success and continually improve my overall strategy.
  • Determine the process and platform for cataloging my works for easy access. Including blog posts, short stories, long stories, lyrics, music, poems, magazine articles, digital art works and physical art works.
  • Generate the Legal terms and conditions, including determining the best licensing for my works.
  • Enhance my works, childhood art and writing, for publishing on the site and potentially third party sites.
  • Assist with researching articles, learning new skills, automating processes and avoiding common issues.

I need you!

Every episode I want your help too! The first topic up for voting is me! How do you want to see me on this channel, or do you want to see me at all. Throughout this video I’ve been in multiple positions, with different backgrounds and I offered up a potential avatar Lynn. Now you tell me:


  • Would you like to see me presenting, an avatar or no persona at all in the video?

Second topic: What should this series be called? From the following options:

  • AI All of Me
  • AI All the Way
  • Can I AI my Life?

I’ll be revealing the results of the survey in Episode 3, so don’t forget to Like and subscribe to stick along for the ride and hit that bell so you catch me on the next episode!

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