The Modem Lisa Background



  • Vast knowledge of Technology Licensing including, Open Source policies and practices, Royalty agreements, Cloud, SaaS, complex OEM and consumption licensing.
  • Experience with IT Asset Management tools, SCCM, Lansweeper, Ivanti and more.
  • Creative thinking and strong analytical problem-solving skills.
  • Advanced negotiation experience.
  • Familiarity with software composition analysis (SCA) tools such as Revenera Code Insight, Checkmarx CXOne, Veracode and others.
  • Knowledge of security and risk management related to software composition
  • Familiarity with ITSM frameworks (ITIL)
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.
  • Management of audit and compliance requirements.
  • Inventory management and reporting.
  • Cloud asset management and related tools.
  • Data analysis and reporting tools (Excel, Tableau, Power BI).
  • Budgeting and financial management related to IT assets.
  • Licensing, Purchasing and management of most common software, SaaS or public cloud platforms, including but not limited to: Microsoft M365 and related tools, Atlassian Stack products such as JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket, Salesforce, Tableau, Slack, GitHub, Adobe CS, Docker, VMWare, AWS, Oracle, SAP, AutoDesk, Splunk, Datadog, Dynatrace, Crowdstrike, Tenable, F5, and many more.

Professional Experiences

Hyland Software, Inc.

Asset Management Analyst 4, Procurement Analyst 3, IT Procurement Administrator 3, 2012-2023

Starting as part of the Information Systems department in 2012 my role began as IT Procurement Administrator 3 with responsibilities including: Purchasing end user and server hardware, traditional and SaaS software platforms and related peripherals and services as well as tracking, ongoing maintenance and subscription management and support services. Some highlights include; Negotiation of Hyland’s first Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, VMWare ELA and developing in house tools for Software Asset Management and Technology Budgeting.

The role was responsible for the tracking, understanding and maintaining of all third party technology throughout the organization and this included beginning an Open Source Policy and implementing related practices as part of the overall third party technology picture. Understanding and maintaining royalty related agreements and tracking usage of partnership benefits and support was also a critical part of this evolving ITAM role at a growing software development company. Along with most software companies, Hyland was growing to cloud first slowly during my career which meant learning to manage AWS, Azure and Oracle cloud environments. Developers always striving to stay up to date, meant managing platforms such as the Atlassian Stack, GitHub, Browserstack, Datadog and LaunchDarkly. Part of the Open Source responsibilities of the role included generation of the legally required notices files, which led to management of Software Bill of Materials, through applications like Revenera Code Insight, CheckMarx CXOne and Veracode.

Snap-ON Business Solutions

IT Buyer/Planner II, 2008-2012

My first official role in IT Procurement and truly IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management and Open Source Policy creation! Though I started off with limited knowledge of the role itself, my history in Technical Support, Web Development and Office Support gave me all the basics I needed to understand the many facets of the role. This position was responsible for the review and purchase of all technology related items for the global IT organization encompassing items from client tools to servers and other Data Center needs. Maintaining a continuous forecast and planning for IT needs was critical during financially constraining times, I was able to reduce and eliminate spend each year to attain savings to the company. In 2009 alone roughly $660K of savings or avoidance was reported, which I received recognition for RCI (Rapid Continuous Improvement). Another highlight of this role was assisting with moving headquarters to new location, including purchasing of equipment, services, setup of equipment. The move included changing hundreds of mobile devices from one provider to a new provider and activating new equipment.

James Secure Inc.

Technology Manager, Web Designer, 2006-2010 (Part Time)

This small family owned business needed all things technology and I was happy to help! From designing their original website, to installing their financial system and time tracking, there was not much I didn’t help with. They may have only needed one onsite server and 3-5 PCs at any given time, but they also had field associates using digital cameras and capturing information which added the challenge of supporting many different devices. I was also able to assist them in writing the business plan including, writing the marketing analysis, financial statistics, estimates, charts, layout, cover design and more.

GM Industrial

Web Developer, Office Support, 2004-2005

Fidelity National Field Service

Clerical Support, Customer Service, 2003-2004

Liturgical Publications

Computer Technician, Prepress, Desktop Publishing Specialist, Onsite Trainer, 2002-2003

Hathaway Brown School

Computer Technology Specialist, 2000-2002


IAITAM, Certified Software Asset Manager, 07/22

Caucus IT, Certified Technology Procurement Executive, 07/19

Directions on Microsoft, Microsoft Licensing BootCamp, 12/18