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Pacific County Economic Development Council Technology Classes 2024

Join Lynn Westfall, AKA The Modem Lisa, a fervent technology expert, trainer, and advocate who recently relocated to this beautiful place in 2022, to learn how to propel your business forward through effective use of technology. Brought to you by the Pacific County Economic Development Council with funding provided by the Washington State Microenterprise Association (WSMA) thanks to a grant made by the Washington State Department of Commerce.

March through May, the second and fourth Thursday afternoon from 3:30-6:30pm PT we will take a plunge deep into the world of business software, devices and services that can spark major improvements for any organization.

Each class will include a PDF document including the presented information, helpful links, tips and other exercises to help you grow even more after each course! Each attendee will also receive a certificate of completion for viewing the live online session. Classes will be recorded and posted by PEDC in the future.

Classes will be held remotely over Zoom to allow for business members to benefit from the comfort of your own location! Registration on the PEDC website is required, sign-up today to secure your spot!

3/13/24 3:30-6:30pm PT – Click Here to Register

Dive into the world of technology and discover how it can propel your business forward! This course will demystify the tech landscape, helping you select and implement the right tools to boost efficiency and growth. From simplifying workflows to aligning tech with your goals, you’ll gain practical insights to transform your business operations.

  • Streamline your communication processes by determining the best technologies to collaborate with your employees, customers, and investors.
  • Track and manage your finances on the go with cloud-based software solutions.
  • Learn how to uncover manual processes holding your business back and how technology can improve or automate those processes.
  • Understand the effort involved in implementing new technologies and how to measure ongoing effectiveness.

3/27/24 3:30-6:30pm PT – Click Here to Register

Elevate your business’s online presence and attract more customers! Determine what online presence your company truly needs. This course will help you understand how your business might benefit from a professional website or how to market online without one. From designing your site to reaching your target audience, learn actionable techniques to boost your online visibility.

  • Understanding your target customers online habits.
  • What does it take to create a compelling website?
  • Implementing digital marketing strategies
  • Tracking performance metrics and optimizing customer engagement
  • Interactive exercises for practical skill development

4/10/24 3:30-6:30pm PT – Click Here to Register

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to streamlined management! Learn how technology can simplify employee hiring, onboarding, training, and scheduling. Enhance customer relationships, gain insights from purchase history, and increase customer retention with the right tools. Optimize inventory control to drive down costs while maintaining on-time fulfillment. Discover easy-to-implement solutions and practical strategies to keep your business running smoothly.

  • Use technology to identify the best candidates and ease the hiring process.
  • Avoid training pitfalls using transcribe and recording tools available on mobile devices.
  • Track customer interactions with ease and discover new engagement opportunities.
  • Stay on top of inventory without continual manual intervention.

4/24/24 3:30-6:30pm PT – Click Here to Register

Safeguard your business against cyber threats and sleep easy knowing you’re protected! This course will equip you with essential cybersecurity knowledge and practical measures to keep your data safe. Learn to identify risks, implement security protocols, and educate your team on best practices.

  • Identify potential cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities unique to your company.
  • Enhance security with multi-factor authentication (MFA) for added protection.
  • Create a tailored incident response plan to effectively manage cybersecurity incidents.
  • Stay vigilant by regularly updating software and applying necessary patches.
  • Safeguard remote work environments to mitigate potential cyber threats.

5/8/24 3:30-6:30pm PT – Click Here to Register

Embrace innovation and stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technologies! Explore the transformative potential of AI, cryptocurrency, and blockchain for your business. Learn practical ways to integrate these technologies into your operations and unlock new opportunities for growth.

  • Explore practical applications of AI algorithms in business decision-making and customer engagement.
  • Understand the fundamentals of popular cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology.
  • Discover the potential of blockchain beyond cryptocurrency, including smart contracts and decentralized finance.
  • Implementing innovative solutions for business optimization
  • Learn about the emerging market of NFTs and their role in digital ownership and collectibles.

5/22/24 3:30-6:30pm PT – Click Here to Register

Can you run your business with just a mobile device? Which devices and platforms will bring the most ROI to your business. Discover how mobile devices, IoT (Internet of Things), and emerging tech can revolutionize your operations and drive growth. Learn to enhance customer experiences, optimize supply chain management, and capitalize on emerging trends.

  • Discover the transformative potential of mobile devices for business innovation.
  • Explore practical strategies for integrating IoT solutions into your operations.
  • Dive into the world of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) and their applications in business.
  • Learn how to enhance customer experiences and optimize supply chain management with technology.
  • Capitalize on emerging trends like mobile devices, IoT, VR, and AR to drive business growth.